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Mike Jager

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Sam and I have worked head to head for over 10 years while we each represented different prominent real estate developers in Montreal. During that time we became good friends and realized that we can do a lot of good if we joined forces.. Sam and I each have our own skill sets but we also have several attributes in common such as an enormous work ethic and exceptional discipline. We are both great at communicating our message. His attention to detail and numbers compliment my sometimes crazy, eccentric ideas and takes them from a dream and brings them down to so we can make them reality. I couldn’t think of a better partner.

Sam Tsoumas

Sam Tsoumas portrait

Mike and I have known each other for a long time… there’s even a picture of us together at a Christmas party 12-13 years ago… who would’ve known. It’s a story of us being competitors for about a decade. I’d walk into a pitch while he would be walking out or vice versa. I’d win some, him others, from there a mutual respect grew and then a friendship. After that we decided to try our hands at working together. We quickly realized that we were both worlds apart in our specific skill sets and that reinforced how well we could work together. We could complement each other. Going off on my own was never an option. I wanted someone who I could see eye to eye with, that I respect and admire, someone who I can entrust my personal and financial safety to and that’s Mike.

We are your Rosefellows.

Asset Class

Industrial Buildings

With over 25 years of experience, the team at Rosefellow.. have been part of some of the largest and most important industrial projects in the Greater Montreal Area. We are recognized for the quality and depth of our real estate development expertise, and the discipline we bring to property acquisitions. Delivering Class “A” industrial facilities, close proximity to highways, 32’ to 40’ clear height, ESFR sprinkler systems, large staging areas, robust slab design, large bay size, LED high bay lighting and LEED® certification

We are committed to operational excellence and providing sound outcomes. We are strongly committed to delivering continuous excellence with our focus on value engineering and building client relationships.

Offering a broad range of services, we are able to guide and assist with the entire process from start to finish.

Our staff and contractors follow a strict quality system and abide by our code of ethics. We ensure each service is delivered with honesty and integrity, while bringing high building standards to our clients.

Office Buildings

In the words of office design consultant and author Francis Duffy, “The office building is one of the great icons of the twentieth century. Office towers dominate the skylines of cities in every continent… [As] the most visible index of economic activity, of social, technological, and financial progress, they have come to symbolize much of what this century has been about.”

At Rosefellow.., our approach is simple, direct and effective. We apply our knowledge and understanding of the industry to develop the ideal office building designed for our clients. Our business structure enables us to complete projects ranging in size and scope.

With our team you can be assured that your project is delivered and managed correctly and professionally.

Rosefellow.. designs sustainable building systems that include cooling towers; floor-by-floor air handling units; high-efficiency, gas-fired hot water boilers; and high-performance plumbing fixtures that provide a 35 percent reduction in potable water use. These systems allow the flexibility to have several different businesses within one building while providing maximum occupant comfort. Tech tenants have substantial requirements for power, data, and cooling, so the systems allow for significant future expansion to satisfy these tenants. Temperature control and the production of some of its energy are accomplished in an environmentally friendly manner. Insulated glazing reduces thermal loss, lowering energy consumption and increasing transparency. Carbon dioxide sensors signal increased fresh air ventilation, when elevated levels of carbon dioxide are detected in the building. Conditioned air for the occupants is provided by multiple air column units located in the tenant space. The cooling system produces and stores ice during off-peak hours and allows the ice to melt to help cool the building. Water conservation features in the buildings include waterless urinals.

Creating buildings that use technology to achieve an unprecedented level of resource efficiency, but also create a collaborative work environment in tune with its users. LED panels with sensors that track motion, light, temperature and humidity, creating a unique artificial neural network.

Apps connected to the building which direct you to parking stalls, find your free desk and caters to your preference in lighting and temperature.

The design of the buildings makes them environmentally friendly, using technologies such as floor-to-ceiling insulated glazing to contain heat and maximize natural light and automatic daylight dimming systems. The office buildings also feature greywater systems, which captures rainwater for reuse. Air entering the buildings are filtered, as is common, but the air exhausted is cleaned as well. The buildings are designed to obtain LEED Certification.

The key features that make for a collaborative office space:


Ultimately, the main concern is people, whom a building is meant to provide shelter and comfort. Durability, convenience, beauty. A place and the surroundings. They all need to be taken into consideration. Ultimately, however, it is (also) the atmosphere prevailing in and around a building, the mood that it evokes, that decides whether it is popular, even loved – or not.

The core criteria for good apartment interior design is well considered internal planning and providing all the functionality and livability of a house, albeit within a smaller space. It is crucial that every nook and square foot of floor space be utilized, but without cramming.

Quality construction and materials are critical to good apartments. It’s about longevity and standing the test of time.

At Rosefellow.. we design apartments that minimize corridor areas in favor of larger flexible living spaces and bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate queen-sized beds.

The apartments come with thoughtful features, such as study, fitness, lounge, pool areas and recharge stations for electronic devices, and ample kitchen storage. These elements work well, as they are integrated into the overall planning, and not random additions that compromise the spaces.

At Rosefellow.. we understand that creating a sense of community and ownership of the building is a great thing, as it is the owners who become proud of the building and takes care of it.

Good apartment design has the power to positively impact on residents’ mental health. That’s why we focus on creating spaces where people want to live, and where they enjoy spending time.

Our team is committed to design and quality. The integrity of our product is key – not just to us, but to the person living and using the space at the other end.

We start with the people and build around them.


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We get things done. Invest with us, prosper with us.


We are your boots on the ground in Montreal. We find the real estate, develop the concept, coordinate the construction and then manage the property until profitability. We believe strongly in working with the right investors for the right opportunities. We aim to bring opportunities to all of our stakeholders.

Our experience and passion makes us your ideal partner whether it be in residential, commercial or industrial. We have inroads with many of Montreal’s owners, brokers, developers and builders to ensure that your investments are handled with the utmost care.

We get things done! Invest with us, prosper with us…

Sustainable developments equals sustainable returns.


May 22nd 2020 – RENX.ca Feature

“Ex rivals now partners: Rosefellow. plans its first development”

On May 22nd 2020 RENX.ca (Real Estate News EXchange) told the story of Rosefellow. founders Sam Tsoumas and Mike Jager along side the announcement of their first major development, the “Le 111”.

Read the full article here


Our Approach

Rosefellow. is a leading real estate development and management firm in Montreal. We are at the forefront of modern methods in the ways buildings are designed and constructed.

Whether it is ground-up construction or transforming dated and uninspiring buildings into luxury residential and commercial assets, Rosefellow. strives to deliver a unique and exceptional living/working experience to its valuable users.

Our operational policies ensure that we can regularly deliver, maintain and maximize value for our clients and financiers. At Rosefellow., we are constantly adapting to a fast-changing world of design. We keep devising new and advanced ways of developing and managing our assets to deliver optimum value to our investors while also creating an exceptional experience for the end users. This is why Rosefellow. is becoming a premier luxury developer Canadians turn to first, and how we intend to remain so.


Sustainability has been at the heart of the firm since day one. We are continuously partnering with leading manufacturers, universities and engineers to pioneer new approaches and technologies that elevate the efficiency and value of every building and every investment. At Rosefellow., sustainability is not a means to an end, but an ongoing practice that fosters communities and cities.


In a constantly evolving world even a traditional sector such as real estate changes and innovates. The future of real estate is directly linked with innovation. Innovation in its modern meaning is new ideas, creative thoughts and imagination. At Rosefellow. we are always pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Buy, build, manage, prosper, repeat.

We are Rosefellow.

Rosefellow. designs, builds and manages buildings that rely as much on their intrinsic qualities as on the services they provide. This conviction gives us the energy to unify those like us who want to commit and innovate for an energy efficient, fluid and inclusive city. We understand that property investments can be somewhat challenging and some real estate companies lack transparency. In turn, we strive to make the process simple, clear and effortless for you. We do this by identifying and carrying out extensive diligence to ensure our projects are de-risked. We then pair the right property investment opportunities with investors who are willing to establish a partnership with us. Mike and Sam, co-founders of Rosefellow., have over 25 years of experience in real estate development and are convinced that there is a better way to live and work.

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